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FAQI understand that for many of you, choosing to indulge and explore is not only exciting, but can also be a bit daunting. Naturally you have many questions to ask, some personal and some, perhaps a little embarrassing. I have compiled a "frequently asked" list that hopefully covers most, of your questions. Please take the time to have a look through and should you find yourself still in need of more information, please feel free to contact me. Any payment is for my time and massage services.

How do I contact you for an appointment?
To make an appointment, please cast your eyes to the bottom of my website footer. My contact details is included. Then send me a message with your name, race and age and I will reply with my service rates and also answer any other question that is not addressed on my FAQ.

How do I book a session with you?
Firstly please take a good look at my website and find out more about me. Then…. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT…. check in with yourself to see how you’re feeling. If you’re tingling with anticipation, palpitating with delight, sensing that “Yes finally!” you have found that elusive someone who can really give you the sensual experiences you have longed for… then get in touch!
If you are bored or baffled by my website, then I’m probably not the woman for you. If it feels right (or intriguing or different or fun!), the next step is to send me a WhatsApp message. It’s very helpful if you can tell me what you would like to experience, when you would like to meet (date and time), for how long, and where you would like to meet (incall or outcall service)

Do you accept credit cards?
ZAR Cash is the standard accepted form of payment for services from all clients. No euros or dollars accepted!! Payment is due BEFORE the massage session begins. I usually DO NOT have change available, if you give me more than the required amount, I will assume it is a tip. I can no longer accept frozen chickens or turkeys as payment as my freezer is already filled to capacity with such. My apartment is currently too small to accommodate any pigs or cows. Also, the last batch of magic beans I received in payment for my services turned out to be defective. LOL

 How far in advance should I request an appointment with you?
An hour’s notice be it a new or an existing client.  Same day appointments are best. All my appointments are confirmed an hour or two prior to your massage session. It is best to request an appointment as soon as you are SURE of the date and time you would like to be seen. You will be asked to confirm your appointment an hour before the appointed time. Please DO NOT REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT UNLESS YOU ARE SURE YOU WILL BE ABLE TO KEEP IT.

Is this a sensual massage?
Well, Webster’s first definition of "sensual" is: "of the body and the senses as distinguished from the intellect or spirit." So from the moment I touch your body, it (by definition) becomes a "sensual" massage. I can however, perform the massage without ever touching your body if you’d prefer. The fact is: I provide a warm, dimly lit room scented with essential oils, soft music and a warm touch. That is, by definition, a sensual massage. If someone offers you a massage which they claim is not sensual, they’re unaware of this definition and - what’s worse - may possibly have taken extreme measures in order to “render harmless” your senses that are engaged.

Privacy Policy and Levels of Discretion
Every now and again, I meet potential clients who contact me who have GTBD ("Got To Be Discreet"), I offer my services with a variety of discretion.
Levels of discretion are rated from "least" to "most" on a numbered scale from 1 thru 10.
Without much ado, I will skip to level 10.

 When greeted at the door, you and I are both provided with brown paper grocery bags which are then placed over our heads and which are kept in place throughout the entire session. No names are exchanged and we are each addressed simply as "hey you". All non-essential verbal communication will be via a series of indistinguishable grunts and simple nods of the head. If I offer you a bottle of spring water to drink after your session, you are also provided a pair of rubber gloves to wear while handling the bottle to prevent you from leaving behind any fingerprints. All linens used during your session are immediately incinerated at the conclusion of your session to prevent the record of any traces of your DNA. Payment for your session is made in small, unmarked bills of varying denominations with no record made of serial numbers.

NOTE: If you are concerned about the paper bag disturbing your hairstyle, it can be placed on your head with the opening at the top.

What can I expect from a session with you?
I like to tailor each session to the individual I'm working with --but the essence of the experience is a full-body massage that includes erotic touch. I spend the first half of the session working on your back, your neck, your shoulders, your legs, your feet, relaxing you and paying special attention to any areas that seem to call out for it. I start incorporating sensual touch into the massage after that. You're welcome to soak it up as a pleasurable experience. I enjoy giving a relaxing massage, and the more you're willing to let go and simply receive, the more sensual the experience.

What can I expect from you as a person?
I am a well-spoken, intellectual and qualified ebony masseuse with a very good sense of humor. I am organized, dependable and reliable. My star sign is Virgo.
I will always be well groomed and well dressed. The lady you meet one week will be the same lady the next time. I am health and safety conscious and careful of how I treat my body. I do not drink, smoke, do drugs or engage in risky behavior. Trust me when I tell you that my bark is worse than my bite!!

What do you expect of me as a client or potential client?
Be respectful, clean, and above all a gentleman. You will find that all these qualities bring out the very best in me. I then want to make you as relaxed and comfortable as possible. This is your time to relax and enjoy a very good relaxing massage. Mutual respect is given and expected. I am very friendly and comfortable to be with, so you can anticipate an experience you will always remember.

How do you handle cancellations and no shows?
I hold a liberal cancellation policy with new clients whereby I accept a first-time cancellation given sufficient notice without question - but I don't accept further bookings from a new client (whom I have never met) or existing client if he cancels twice in a row. Clients who do not show up for an appointment without cancelling in advance are automatically banned from future appointments. I simply have to protect myself from sad time wasters.

What type of clients do you prefer to see?
The mature gentleman who is  respectful, punctual, and over the age of 35. They arrive to the session at the designated time, freshly showered if possible and communicating if they will be late or need to reschedule. The clientele I tend to attract are Caucasian professionals, businessmen and executives. I am not available to just anyone who would like to meet with me for a massage session.

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